Environmental Services

The great mining productive rate along with new environmental rules and regulations make it necessary for companies to adopt measures in order to meet the demanding requirements of the industry.

Because of this, the Environmental Line offers a complete service in environmental management centralized through a web platform which supports management and timely operational planning at the site.

The environmental forecast service estimates the particulate material impact (MP) so mining companies may schedule their operations in advance, and in turn, comply with environmental regulations.

The Chilean Law provides that mining companies must monitor particulate material and that this should not exceed air quality rules. In the context of the rules, we have developed a technology which considers characterization of ventilation conditions, that is, the system allows projecting in advance the behavior of Particulate Material concentrations. The above means that companies can determine which areas will be affected with the particulate material and, in the same way, comply with the law.

The service provides weather forecasts and air quality with a horizon from 24 hours to 120 hours, which reduces the alerts for particulate material, because with this information the operation performs preventive procedures for dust mitigation.

Complete service for air quality forecast

  • Personalized web platform, which displays on line data observed by monitoring stations, both the level of air quality as well as forecast of meteorological variables.
  • 192 hours forecast in advance per hour.
  • Daily updating.
  • Operational alerts and documentation registration
  • Model of meteorological variables and air quality with daily updates
  • Daily meteorological forecast bulletin associated to air quality
  • Estimating MP emissions with weekly updating based on mining planning

Future Scenario Evaluation

  • Enables to predict long-term weather conditions, providing a unique tool for project planning.
  • Reducing impact on particulate material emissions in the operation, as well as in surrounding communities.
  • Aid to comply with the rules established in DS 20/2014.
  • Development of an annual map for reducing the impact on emissions of pollutants in the atmosphere.

Operational Forecast Impact

  • Allows anticipating the impact generated by operational activities of the task, through estimated emissions from mining planning.
  • Allows forecasting meteorological conditions associated to air quality, in addition to the effects and hazards arising for workers and nearby areas.
  • Allows applying in advance relevant protection/mitigation measures.
  • Last generation numerical forecast models.
  • Daily forecast displaying through personalized web platform.
  • Daily bulletin distribution in charge of an expert advisor in meteorology and air quality.